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 Cement Ingrident


Clinker, which is produced by sintering limestone, is the core ingredient in producing cement. MAK Group, one of the largest independent traders of clinker in the Asia Pacific region, supplies over five million tons of clinker annually.

The company’s exceptional performance and with nearly 30 years of experience has led to strong partnerships with global cement manufacturers and end users. MAK Group trades cement, grey clinker, white cement, white cement clinker, sulphur resistant cement, and sulphur resistant clinker. The company has aggressively expanded its sources for clinker and other related commodities to offer the most competitive rates under both CFR and FOB terms.

Clinker Key Specifications

Below are the key indicators that determine clinker’s average standard quality. Results vary depending on where the commodity is originated and due to the requirements of the buyer.

  • CAO > 64,5 Min
  • MgO > 5 Max
  • C3S+C2S > 70 Min

In accordance with ASTM C150 Type 1

Full Specifications

Below are the average results from testing various samples, they demonstrate what customers might expect from Shun Shing Group’s clinker. The company can, however, offer specifications from a range of suppliers, and the average below is only an example.

  • SiO₂:
    Standard: Min 20.0
    Typical result: 22.41
  • AI₂O₃:
    Standard: 3.5 – 6.5
    Typical result: 5.17
  • Fe₂O₃:
    Standard: 2.5 – 5.0
    Typical result: 3.35
  • CaO:
    Standard: Min 64,5
    Typical result: 65.68
  • MgO: 
    Standard: Max 5.0
    Typical result: 0.94
  • SO₃:
    Standard: Max 0.5
    Typical result: 0.37
  • LOI(Loss on Ignition of clinker)
    Standard: Max 1.0
    Typical result: 0.45
  • I.R: (Insoluble Residue of clinker)
    Standard: Max 1.0
    Typical result: 0.45
  • Na₂Oɋd: (Na₂O + 0,658K₂O) Total Alkali
    Standard: Max 0.9
    Typical result: 0.69
  • CaOtd: (Free CaO)
    Standard: Max 1.5
    Typical result: 0.95
  • Moisture: (Moisture of Clinker)
    Standard: Max 0.6
    Typical result: 0.25
  • C₃S: (Tricalcium silicate)
    Standard: Min 52
    Typical result: 57.5
  • C₃A: (Tricalcium aluminate)
    Standard: Max 9.0
    Typical result: 8.04
  • C₄AF: 
    Standard: 9.0-14.0
    Typical result: 10.19
  • LSF:
    Standard: 90-102
    Typical result: 92.47
  • C₃S + C₂S: 
    Standard: Min 70
    Typical result: 78.34
 Spect Oman Clinker

OPC Grey Clinker in bulk

Quantity: 50,000 metric tons (+/-10%)

Price: in Euro equivalent of USD 50 per metric ton CFR outer

anchorage, Chittagong port.

Payment terms: 100% by irrevocable, LC payable at sight on

presentation of shipment documents. allowing confirmation to be added

on our cost.


Loading port: Arabian gulf port,shipped via  either Oman or UAE port.

Documents BL, COO  from Oman / UAE


Laycan:  March 5, 2019 for loading cargo.

The ship go Oman  for  6 – 8 days for new BL issuing, port


registration, port documents on loading from Oman. Then proceed to Chittagong.


Shipment: in Geared vessel, 4 cranes (25T min), fitted with grabs .


Unloading rate  2500 – 3,000 tons PWWD FHINC .

Demurrage: shall be paid in time by the buyer.

All charges, costs and fees shall be paid  at Chittagong port by the buyer.


Chemical Specs of clinker:

SiO2  :  > 21.50 %

Al2O3 :  4.50 – 5.30 %

Fe2O3 :  4.00 – 4.50 %

CaO  :  > 65 %

MgO  :  < 2.50 %

SO3  :  < 1.00 %

K2O  :  < 0.80 %

Na2O  :  < 0.60 %

LOI  :  < 0.70 %

Insoluble residue :  < 0.50 %

Free lime  :  < 1.50

LSF  :  > 90 %

C3S  :  > 55

C2S  :  13 – 18

C3A  :  < 8.00

C4AF  :  10 -14


Physical Specs of clinker:

Particle size:

Above 25mm  <10%

5mm – 25mm  >70%

below 5mm  >20%


Please proceed with your order without delay.


Note that regarding clinker shipments from this region at  present

time, for documents handling, etc, transaction must be kept



Thanks & Best regards,


Mak International

Md.Maksedul Islam/ Marketing Manager

Mob: +88 01819216338,01772561925
E-mail : makcargobd@gmail.com Skype:
WhatsApp/Viber: +88 01711698893





Message To Exporter


We are always in need of quotations of the best Prime quality of clinker
various other cement raw materials to be the lowest from our overseas suppliers for our valued
customers in Bangladesh at a regular and long term basis.

If you are confident that you would be the right partner for us we are looking for, please
urgently quote your most competitive CFR Chittagong price for the following inquiry of
one of our prospective customers stating your earliest shipment time with all the details
and terms & conditions mentioned below:



Main Competitors: Japan  & Korea

MILL’S NAME: Please advise your Mill’s Name and port of shipment
                         Please send us a MTC copy of any of your mill’s past supply of
                      for reference.                        
Price Term: USD/MT CFR Chittagong (Pls quote both by Bulk & Container)
Payment Term: By L/C 100% at sight
Weighting & Invoicing: By Actual weight basis
Packing: Standard Export Seaworthy packing
Delivery : Please advise your earliest delivery time both by Bulk & Container

Inspection: Mill’s inspection is final (Original MTC should be provided)


Thanks & Best regards,
Multi Trade Corporation
Md.Maksedul Islam/ Marketing Manager
Mob: +88 01819216338, 01772561925
E-mail : makcargobd@gmail.com

Skype : maksedul12


+88 01772561925

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