Steel Coil Steel Plate


1.Introduction :

galvanized steel strip is to put the long and narrow strip steel after cold rolling plating on a layer called (zinc) of raw materials.

The main features

galvanizedsteel strip has a uniform coating, strong adhesion, long service life, etc. Hot dip galvanized strip steel substrate with molten electrolyte solution in complex physical and chemical reaction, forming structure compact zinc alloy layer. Pure zinc alloy layer and layer, the strip steel substrate, so the corrosion resistant ability.

Application field

1)Steel pipe products

Greenhouse pipe, drinking water pipe, heating pipe, gas delivery pipe, etc.

2)Construction industry

Anti-Corrosion of the industrial and civil building housing panels, the roof grid roof grille, etc.

Light industry

3)Home appliance case, civil chimney, kitchen utensils, etc.

4.Automotive Industry

The corrosion resisting parts of the car

2、Product  Specifications

Galvanized steel strip

Standard ASTM A653/A653M
JIS G3303
Base-Metal Thickness 0.9-3.2 mm
Width 32-680 mm
Inside diameter 508(20’’), 610 mm(24’’)
Coating mass Z60– Z275
Surface Finish Regular Spangle
Surface Treatment ChromatedTreatment, Oiled
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