Mak International is a trading company and distributor of wide range of Pharmaceutical Machinery and Raw materials, feed and food additives active in world market. We have office in Dhaka and we are agent of many reputed Pharmaceutical
Company from Italy , Belgium , Thailand and China . Please contact us to serve you in Bangladesh , we are giving some name of our dealing machinery:
Soft-gel Encapsulation Machine,High Efficiency Intelligent Film Coating Machine.
High Efficiency Intelligent Pore less Film Coating Machine
DPP250K/WZH-180 Medicine Packing Automatic Production Line
High Sp-eed AL/PL Blister Packing Machine
DPP150C/80 AL-Plastic (AL?AL)Automatic Blister Packing Machine
DPP-250E AL-Plastic (AL/AL)Automatic Blister Packing Machine
AL-Plastic-AL Automatic Blister Packing Machine
DPP-260H High Speed AL-Plastic (AL/AL)Blister Packing Machine
Multi-functional Automatic Carton Machine
Poly-directional Movable Mixing Machine, Super Mixing Granulator
Series Dry Type Granulator. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine sets. Automatic filling and sealing Machine,
Multi-functional Auto- open Capsule taking Powder(shell board) Machine. Capsule Separating Polishing machine
NJP-800C fully automatic capsule filling machine
1. Application:
NJP-800C adopt PLC control system, human-machine interface, when running malfunction or lack of stuff, automatic alarm, malfunction display, automatic dismiss alarm. And with functions of password setup, touching screen display, automatic parameter setup, data printing, reset, etc.
The jump-start axed, cam and other main damageable parts all adopt imported materials.
2. Performance and characteristic:
Good-looking appearance exquiste work man, ease of operation, simplicity of use.
Stowage seat and measuring plate are designed as one unit to make measuring plate and stowage rod without deviation phenomenon, avoid friction phenomenon between stowage rod and measuring plate, improve its precision highly, furthermore, it delays the machine’s life greatly.
Ineligible capsule can be eliminated automatically (qualified rate not included), the medicine in the capsule can be recycled and be reused, thus it can increase greatly economic effect.
Simplicity and convenience of dismantling, installation and clean, various models of mould can be replaced each other, the mold of 1000 model and 1200 model as well as 800 model can be replaced mutually on the same machine to meet different requirement of capacity.
Dust collector and vacuum pipe as well as waste air pipe are installed in the inner of the machine, avoid the air pipe becoming hard, broken and leakage etc phenomenon, it is more convenient to clean the platform. Furthermore, it accords GMP the requirement that medicine can not contact with organic material.
The cap of stowage rod is made of stainless steel to replace original plastic cap to avoid breaking phenomenon; in the other hand, the screws and caps on the platform lesser to make the whole appearance more good looking.

Quotation: 18,362 USD FOB Shanghai includes one capsule tooling, dust collector with PLC control and touching screen
Extra Capsule Tooling: 2,545 USD
Payment Term: 30% by T/T in advance, the rest 70% by T/T at sight.
Delivery Time: 15 days when receive your 30% money for advanced.
Package size: 3.5 CBM after packaging.
Installing and Commission: We will install and test the machine in best working condition before shipment. If customer requires our technician to adjusting the machine and train technician at arrival place, we will send technician there. All our expenses including round-trip air ticket to the nearest airport, local conveyance to your factory, Lodging& Boarding expenses shall be payable by you. In case the stay of our technician, the service charges $ 50 per day will be charged extra.
Warranty period: one year for fully machine guarantee. And in this year if the machine broken caused by mechanical problem, all of the spare part is free. The service of the machine all though the machine’s life.
3. Main Technical Parameter:

capsule size:NO:00#-5#
NO. Of segment bores: 6
Capacity of air compressor:0.1m3/min
Power requirement: According to client’s requirement
Vacuum density: 0.03-0.06MPa
Power (kw):3+(sucion2.2)
Noise: <80db(A)
Dust suction: 700m3/H 2×105MPa
Overall dimensions: 970×820×1900mm
Net weight: 900 kg

4. Electronic Part List:
NJP-800C automatic capsule filling machine
Name Model Located and Brand
Circuit Breaker 3VU1340
3VU140 Zhengtai
Air Switch 53X-2310/2101 Zhengtai
AC Contactor MYZNJ-DC220V Zhengtai
Switch 6EPB31-1SH01 Mingwei
Urgent Switch(stop and start) Y09 Schneider, Germany
Touching screen DOP A57BSTN Delta, Taiwan
PLC DVP-14ESOOR.2 Delta, Taiwan
Inverters VFD-A1.5KW Delta, Taiwan
Stop Machine CH-32-1500W SEW
Vacuum Pump 2BV2050 Yuhuan
Cam RU-83DS-6
RU-100DS-10 Tanshing, Taiwan
Dust collector XLJ Series By own factory
Linear Bearings SDE12Y SE1KO,Japan
Linear Bearings SDE16Y SE1KO,Japan
Linear Bearings SDE20Y SE1KO,Japan
Linear Bearings SDE40Y SE1KO,Japan
Needle Roller Bearings NAKD30 SE1KO,Japan
Needle Roller Bearings NAKD40 SE1KO,Japan
4. Spare Parts List
NJP-800C automatic capsule filling machine
Item Quantity
Filling Pressure Spring 45
Mould Pressure Spring 10
Draw Spring 4
Seal Ring 2
Control 9
Detecting Handspike 9
Locking Handspike 9
Capsule Output Handspike 9
Pump Ring 4

5. Mould list
NJP-800C automatic capsule filling machine
Name Quantity
Mould 1 set
Plunger 1 set
Dose Disk 1 set
Capsule Sowing Equipment 1 set

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